Department: U5 Mechanical
Office Hours: TBA


  1. CopiEUS
  2. Frostbite
  3. The Cube
  4. G-Store
  5. Student Spaces
  6. Equipment Rentals
about me

Austin L'Ecuyer, VP Services

A bit about myself

Hello fellow McGill Engineering students! My name is Austin L'Ecuyer, and I will be your VP Services for the 2018-2019 school year. I have followed a long path of involvement going into my term. From OAP manager to event coordinator to the McGill Rocket Team and more, I’ve done so much and I’m excited to do more as your go-to guy for all the EUS has to offer! I am from a small town in southern Quebec and I have been living in Montreal for 6 years now. I love kayaking, waterskiing, and the outdoors.

My role as VP Services

There are so many services available to you from the EUS including the General Store (calculators, food and drinks galore), Copi-EUS (for all your printing needs), Frostbite (for those yummy cold ice cream snacks), and The Cube (custom 3D printing). I also manage all of our wonderful spaces like the EUS Common Room (you can chill there and play pool!) and our meeting rooms. From ice cream to lockers to course packs, the EUS has everything you need to survive these next few years in Engineering. To learn more about the various EUS services available to you, please check out the other blurbs in this handbook. If you are looking to get involved, don’t be afraid to ask anyone in or around the EUS office about it! P.S. A good place to start is at Open Air Pub and Blues Pub!