about me

Laurent Chenet, VP Internal

A bit about myself

Hi friends! I came to McGill from Houston, Texas after moving there from Paris, France. I'm entering my 5th year of studying Software Engineering, and first got involved in the EUS when I got a job at the G-Store in the EUS Mall (come visit! We have free condoms!). The EUS has so much to offer and before I get into what I do, I strongly encourage you to get involved and taste everything the EUS has to offer.

My role as VP Internal

Many of you have your first interaction with the McGill community in the form of Orientation Week, a.k.a. Frosh. I oversee the planning and execution of Frosh, which is one of the EUS's largest endeavours every year! I also oversee the planning of the (in)famous MERTW (and its smaller sibling, MERTWinter) pub crawl which happens in October and March respectively. I spearhead E-Week, the EUS’s flagship annual competition in which departments compete with each other in a variety of events for glory, which occurs in January! I also oversee the ESC (Engineering Socials Committee), tasked with creating fun party/show-oriented events for the entire EUS, and the EAC (Engineering Adventure Committee), which puts on exciting inclusive events throughout the ear. Furthermore, I help run our weekly Blues Pubs, as well as our intramural league in EUS Sports, and the annual EUS Ski Trip. If you’re interested in learning more about anything I do, or want to see a picture of my dog, don’t hesitate to reach out!.