about me

Sarah Ma, VP External

A bit about myself

I am half Chinese and half Canadian, and I was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. I love playing soccer, rugby, the saxophone, and having heated debates about everything from why purple is the best color (obviously) to why 2020 can not get here fast enough (obviously). Montreal is an absolutely beautiful city, and I love visiting places like it that have a huge mix of cultures that I can enjoy just by walking down the street. I'm super energetic and outgoing, and I love stopping to chat, so come say hi some time!

My role as VP External

The role of the VP External is to help connect you with amazing opportunities, networks, and people to enhance your undergraduate experience. I focus on improving industry relations and opportunities with the Departmental VPXs, as well as keeping students connected with great opportunities provincially and nationally. One of my jobs connected with this is acting as liaison between the EUS and CREIQ and CFES. These student organizations bring together engineering student societies from across Quebec and Canada to discuss topics and collect data in order to provide tools and resources to help improve the experiences of engineering students. Also within the VPX portfolio are several fun competitions and conferences, including the McGill Engineering Competition, Quebec Engineering Competition, Engineering Games competition, Conference on Diversity and Engineering, and our very own EUS Conference. Interested in getting involved or finding out more? Feel free to shoot me a message any time! .