about me

Saad Waseem, VP Communications

A bit about myself

Hi there! I'm in my fourth year of electrical engineering at McGill University. I come from the thriving metropolis of Castlegar, British Columbia: population: 6000. As such I have a love for the outdoors: mountain biking, camping, hiking, staying in my air condition basement, etc... I also have been playing sports my whole life: hockey, soccer, lacrosse, and more. Since coming to McGill, I have been extremely involved in student leadership and volunteer work. I have been involved in frosh as chief coordinator, founded The Plumber's Station, and more! I have a passion for music and film, so be on the lookout for a live stream or a new mixtape!

My role as VP Communications

My portfolio covers all things IT, creative, and publications related: a whopping nine (and counting) committees! From a website development committee to a blooming video production team (The Plumber’s Station), and more, my job is to inform you, the students, of what’s going on in and around the Engineering Undergraduate Society. One of my goals for this year is to provide space for these committees and foster a collaborate, social, and creative environment. If you ever have something you want to introduce to the EUS or believe something can be improved, please let me know!