about me

Malcolm McClintock, VP Communications

A bit about myself

Hi there! I'm in my third year studying Materials Engineering, and I'm very excited to be your VP Comm. I grew up in a small suburb of Connecticut, USA with my 4 siblings and 5 dogs where I became involved with the garden club, the local music scene, and graphic design. I've been involved in the EUS since my first year, holding positions such as Editor in Chief of The Plumber's Faucet, Blues Pub Manager, SSMU Representative, and more. Currently I'm an OAP Manager, an employee at CopiEUS, and the Library Improvement Fund Commissioner on the side. I thoroughly enjoy science fiction in both writing and television, video games of all sorts, outdoor activities of any kind, and initiating spontaneous water chugs.

My Role as VP Communications

My portfolio covers all things IT, creative, and publications related; that includes a whopping eleven committees, from a website development committee to a blooming video production team (The Plumber’s Station), and more. My job is to inform you, the students, of what’s going on in and around the Engineering Undergraduate Society through our listserv, increasing resource accessibility, and exploring new ways to make the EUS more transparent (such as the EUS wiki). If you ever have something you want to introduce to the EUS or believe something can be improved, please let me know!