about me

Alex Hale, VP Communications

A bit about myself

Outside of the office, you can find me scooping ice cream at Frostbite, playing volleyball, binging YouTube videos, baking more cookies than I know what to do with, or riding my bike around Montreal. My job is to make sure that you, a member of the EUS, are informed about what your student society is up to.

My role as VP Communications

My portfolio encompasses over 50 fantastic people, comprising an Information Technology team, three publications, two creative committees, a newsletter, social media channels, and our very own EUSwiki. All content from the EUS that reaches your eyes, including this Handbook, was likely created by a member of my team! With so many positions under my umbrella, there are plenty of opportunities for you to join us. If you’re interested in graphic design, satirical writing, computer networking, videography, writing articles, or web development, the Communications portfolio has a place for you! None of those up your alley? Flip through this handbook and take a look at all the other [involvement] opportunities we have available. As VP Communications, I happily serve as your easiest point of contact for any EUS-related matters. It’s as easy as hitting “reply” on the EUS Pipeline or dropping by my desk during office hours!