Department: U3 Bioeng
Office Hours: TBA


  1. EPTS (Engineering Peer Tutoring Service)
  2. TechWeek
  3. TechFair
about me

Niloufar Seraj, VP Academic

A bit about myself

Hey there future engineers! My name is Nilou and I’m your VP Academic during the 2018-2019 academic year and a third-year bioengineering student. If you ever see me in the hallway or in the EUS office, feel free to say hi and ask me any questions you might have. I will always be happy to discuss any innovative ideas, suggestions, or talk about dogs, Broadway musicals, ice cream, or pianos with you. I hope that you’ll have an amazing experience here at McGill and good luck!

My role as VP Academic

As the EUS VP Academic, I am the liaison between the students and the faculty. My main responsibilities include, but are not limited to be the student representative in faculty meetings, managing academic funds and making sure they are used effectively and responsibly across the Faculty, and overseeing my three subcommittees which are TechFair, TechWeek, and Engineering Peer Tutoring Service. In general, I will be a point of contact for all things academic-related for any club, committee, or departmental society within the EUS. I am also responsible for making sure that your student and academic rights are respected, and will deal with any academic complaints that might occur throughout the year. During this upcoming academic year, I plan to create a connection among all departmental VP Academics and myself to unify academic processes throughout the faculty. I will also work with my fellow execs to improve the application process for academic funds in order to make them more efficient.