Department: U3 Mechanical
Office Hours: TBA


  1. Equity Committee
  2. Faculty & Alumni Relations
about me

Alex Scheffel, President

A bit about myself

Hey Folks! My name is Alex Scheffel and I’m your EUS President for the 2018/2019 academic year! I’m extremely excited for the year to come and the opportunity to meet all of you great people. I’m currently in my fourth year of mechanical engineering and have absolutely loved my time at McGill. My involvement within the EUS began on the departmental level. At first, I would help out here and there, lending a hand with a variety of events. As time progressed, I started to inspect more avenues of involvement within McGill, learning which areas I enjoyed most. I’d really recommend trying to find some aspects of McGill that peak your curiosity and encourage you to explore them. It can often lead to some pretty interesting opportunities.

My role as President

My primary role as EUS President is to be the representative for all of you, namely to groups such as the Faculty of Engineering. I am here to listen to your concerns and act upon them with the aim to improve your university experience. More specifically, my portfolio is directly aimed towards equity, EUS cohesiveness, and long-term planning for the society. The EUS is a truly wonderful group with so much to offer. I really encourage everyone reading this to learn some more about it and to consider getting involved. It has the potential to have a significant and positive impact on your university experience. At the very least, stop by the EUS Office sometime! It’s a great place to ask some questions or just sit down and relax.