McGill Robotics

McGill Robotics

Inspiring students to build robots, and building robots to inspire students.

McGill Robotics is an engineering design team that builds robots for international competitions as well as organizes RoboHacks annually. The team’s goal is to foster an interest in robotics through competition, cultivate a relationship with the surrounding Montreal community, and much closer to home, to create a core community at McGill via the “Team Before Machine” philosophy.

We prioritize team bonding and growth along with engineering accomplishment, with the belief that it takes a solid team to build a winning robot. This year, the team is composed of 200 students and is developing for three main technical projects. On top of our Mars Rover Project, which is working on a tele-operated rover for competition in both the University Rover Challenge and the European Rover Challenge, the team’s Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) Project will be undergoing a massive re-design for the RoboSub competition in California.
Additionally, the team’s newest project, Drone, is developing an autonomous fixed-wing aerial vehicle to enter its first-ever competition this year at SUAS in Maryland! Finally, our dedicated Business Committees manage the substantial organizational effort. On top of day-to-day operations, Business takes care of critical strategizing for maximizing the organization’s success, value, brand impact, and morale.
Every start of the school year, we recruit motivated and hardworking students from all years and all faculties who wish to be part of an always-growing community and share their passion for engineering, design, and robotics. If you want to learn more about the team, our recruitment process, or our robots, visit our website and connect with @mcgillrobotics on social media for regular updates on our progress.