Engineering Undergraduate Support Fund

The purpose of the EUSF is to provide students with additional human resources to that normally supplied by the University, including but not limited to TA hours, lab technician hours and funding for staff from the McGill Engineering Student Center (MESC) and staff for departmental offices. The EUSF is to fund academic or professional development activities organized by the faculty, the departments, or departmental societies.

It is composed of fees paid by engineering undergraduate students. Fifty percent of the fund is allocated to McGill Engineering Student Centre proposals only and the remaining portion is for departmental proposals. Departments will each receive a fixed allotment of $1,500 in addition to a variable allotment proportional to the fraction of the number of engineering students enrolled in the respective department. Money for a proposal can only be collected upon proof that the proposal has been fulfilled is provided to the faculty finance manager.

EUSF is allocated at the beginning of each semester, once the semester starts;all proposals must be submitted to the VP Academic of your department’s student society. Each department’s student council will then review the proposals and move forward for approval by the Support Fund Committee (SFC).

Following the approval of the departmental and MESC proposals, any surplus funds may be used to fund a Faculty proposal, Machine Tool Labs and TISED included.

Previous Allocations

Department Winter 2016 Fall 2016 Winter 2017 Fall 2017
Architecture $4,400.00 $3,897.51 $3,877.60 $1,020.00
Chemical $11,400.00 $16,085.44 $13,857.03 $13,850.00
Civil $7,500.00 $11,846.37 $6,588.09 $8,405.40
Computer, & Software
$19,700/00 $19,081.76 $17,161.99 $17,856.50
Materials $7,600.00 $5,628.47 $7,570.59 $7,307.30
Mechanical $14,700.00 $14,425.02 $15,867.85 $9,053.26
Mining $3,800.00 $3,977.90 $2,797.26 $2,785.20
MESC $64,600.00 $63,107.17 $53,220.00 $58,550.00
Total $133,700.00 $138,049.64 $120,940.41 $118,827.66
Per Semester
Allocation Periods
Sept 1, 2017
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