Equity Committee

Equity Committee

McGill’s EUS Equity Committee promotes diversity, inclusion and social equity in Engineering at McGill.

Social equity states that everyone should have access to the same resources and be able to succeed in our society. Contrarily to equality (is given the same resources) equity takes into consideration people’s identities and how that allows them to move through society. In summation: “Equality is giving everyone shoes, Equity is giving everyone shoes that fit.”

The committee creates discussions about how to make our university environment more inclusive. This group of students talks about issues regarding gender identity, race, sexual orientation, ability, mental health, universal design, teaching & learning and much more. EUS Equity conducts equity trainings for student leaders to incorporate equity values within our engineering culture. The committee also works with faculty in order to coordinate our efforts to increase diversity in engineering at McGill.

If you are looking to get involved, feel free to email the Equity Commissioner at equity@mcgilleus.ca or message the committee on the EUS Equity facebook page.

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