Co-op Mining Engineering Undergraduate Society (CMEUS)

We Drill! We Blast! We are the Mining Engineers!! Ever wonder where the world's metals come from? Well its the task of the hard working mining engineers of the world to brave the depths of the earth's crust to extract the raw materials that are necessary to sustain the global economic engine and the modern way of life. 

Our website:

Where to find us: Mining Student Lounge: FDA 103

Some of our events: 

  • Mining Games: all mining engineering schools in Canada send a team of 16 undergrads to compete in a variety of events such as: mine design, rock blasting and drilling.
  • Prospectors and Developer Association of Canada (PDAC): tens of thousand of the world's mining professionals gather in toronto every march for the biggest mining conference in the world. CMEUS sends a group of students every year.
  • A variety of case competitions in both technical design and business management.