about me

Jessica Dakkak, VP External

A bit about myself

I am Egyptian and was born and raised here in Montreal. I really love living in Montreal because of the mix of people and cultures all in one place. If I am not exploring the city, trying to solve some thermodynamics problem or getting involved in my community, I love to travel, read and work with kids. I actually teach math at my elementary school. I think it is super important to teach kids that liking science and building things is really cool and that you can do that as a job when you grow up. You can't be something that you don't know exists! I also really enjoy skiing (yes, I'm one of those of those people that jump for joy when it snows). Snow also means maple syrup and comfort food, yum! I can easily be won over in a debate with anything coconut flavoured and a pack of Reese’s Pieces. I love meeting new people from across the globe, so come stop by the office and let know a little bit more about yourself and what you would like to see from the EUS this year!

My role as VP External

As VP External of the EUS, I help connect you with industries, opportunities and amazing people to enhance your undegrad. My mandate involves representing you (EUS members) on a national level to professional and student organisations like the OIQ, the CFES and QREIQ. These student federations, which regroup all engineering students in Canada and Quebec respectively, serve as a catalyst for nation wide discussions and help us improve on making the engineering profession relevant to our students. CREIQ and the CFES also organise events throughout the year to connect with other engineering students from across the country. Keep an eye out for in house engineering competitions (MEC), Quebec scale competitions (QEC & EngGames) and national competitions (CEC) to put your skills to the test and meet incredible people. Competitions aren’t your thing? My portfolio also includes finding conference opportunities around the globe to inspire and educate students within the EUS community. Spoiler Alert! We will even be hosting our first ever EUS conference this September to inspire you and help you explore all that the EUS has to offer.